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Nepali Ho
Written by Mapan Bhusah

Whatever you do, whatever you say,
wherever you take me, my heart is Nepali
Whatever you do, whatever you say,
wherever you take me, my heart is Nepali

I am proud of my ancestors as to how
They bore the burden
Their story is written in history

Neither do they run away from battle,
nor do they sell themselves at any cost Steadfast in their own fate
believing in one’s own work
my heart, mind & soul is Nepali

Neither do they live in dependance
nor do they let others steal their rights

As shiny and bright are the mountains
clean is the heart
As vast as the sky-great are the thoughts
My heart, mind and soul is Nepali

Nepali Ho Rap by Aid Ray

From a state of mind gracefully filled with bliss & contentment All that I can try and to do is spread happiness. I can’t lie, so I show my thoughts & feelings
Wondering how many mothers have fulfilled their dreams
With the rays of hope on my face I’m delighted,
Survival makes me want to venture out more
Searching for the light of the SUN
I choose to live this life where, proud farmer is sowing his seed,

Praising stone god from the streets
Readily almost everything is available here
As it touches from within it flows
With fire and ashes on the river; the side of the grave
It hurts sometimes; call it bad luck if you might
Never did we celebrate too much when we won,
Nor were we devastated with the loses,
4 casts with 36 divisions, we support each other at any cost man!




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siganepal Boca Raton, Florida

A vibrant anthology of Nepalese rap, rock, jazz & classical fusion. Recorded in Kathmandu, Nepal in August 2011.
For inquiries send an e-mail to sigalarana@me.com

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